Tuesday, December 30, 2008

thoughts about 2008.


I did one of these posts last January about my predictions for 2008. Such a young, naive blogger I was, predicting nothing but making assumptions without trying to step on people's toes. I was right about one thing, Kanye did dominate this year's music scene, especially concerning radio play. He's done for now though, killed it with his award performances that sucked ass. So now that I'm more educated and less concerned about what the hell you think about me, here are my predictions for 2009:

Dubstep is unique to England, really. The best of the best is there, not here. For a decent reading of what dubstep is you can check out this Wiki post, watch the video below, or listen to Mary Ann Hobb's Radio 1 show on BBC. I wouldn't suggest googling "dubstep" because of the crap that comes up when you do, like videos that don't work. But you will find helpful forums where people post their own dubstep mixes or links to others. Besides all of that jargon, I predict a lot to come of dubstep, which has been defined to me as music that is driven by the bass, not the melody. This is true, and that's why youtube's 92kbs videos suck for dubstep because tiny earbuds cannot begin to handle the amount of bass needed to listen to the music. I suggest listening to Skream or Kode 9. I feel like Crookers comes close to dub if they were to tweak themselves a bit, which could be a possibility for the new year, but as of right now they're still electro and still super awesome.

Fidget House
What is fidget house? Music genres are like art styles, hard to explain and runny like eggs. Crookers falls here, and I have high hopes for the Italian duo as I love them so. Herve might fall into this category as well. Think less about the "house" part and more about the "fidget."

The Cool Kids get a spot on a Wheaties Box
Don't get me wrong, these guys are great, and it's not their fault that people love their music, but they've spawned a lot of copy-cats that are no where near the expertise level of The Cool Kids. The Knux is one of those groups that look as if they took out loans to buy ridiculous clothing and wrote raps about payin' their mamas' back. Making money off of somebody else's originality is pretty low.

Posting a list of artist that will have luck in the new year is lame. How am I expected to make a decision like that? I do hope for more art and music related posts, like what you see in videos over at asian man dan. I hope my current university never ever tries to perform Daft Punk's "Harder Better Faster Stronger," because it was terrible, so terrible. And last, I hope for one more year of blogging, before Google takes us all down.



The Kouros is the Greek name for 5th and 6th century B.C. statues of nude, athletic young boys, just so you know. Here's what four years of learning art history can give you. However, that fact has nothing to do with this band, for they do not sound archaic at all! Kouros come from Birmingham and remind me of the sounds of Giorgio Moroder. Definitely something to look out for in the upcoming new year.

Kouros - Nightchase Imeem Link

Kouros - Tears Imeem Link

Kouros - Flux Imeem Link

Monday, December 29, 2008

Friday, December 26, 2008



Who is Shook? Honestly I've never heard of him. Can't say I know much of the electronic music that comes from the Netherlands, either. However, this is catchy, in a GOOD way. And by good I mean that the female vocals never get annoying, like UFFIE. Oops, cats out of the bag there ;]

Jupiter - Chip (Shook Remix) DOWNLOAD

fred falke


Who likes Fred Falke?

Who likes catchy synth rifs?

Me! And you, too...? Wow, what a coincidence! This song should have been in the Breakfast Club when they're all dancing in the library. It would have made Molly Ringwald's crappy dancing more tolerable.

Digitalism - Apollo Gaiz (Fred Falke Remix) DOWNLOAD

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Cryptonies December Mix


My recent obsession: the Cryptonites. Especially their mixes. Because they are awesome. If you were a good blog reader you'd be listening to it and forgetting anything I say here, because who gives a shit what I think! Currently there is no tracklist online so send em an email and maybe they'll give one to you.

Cryptonites - December 08 Minimix (zShare, 33.94 MB) DOWNLOAD

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

yeah yeah whatevers.

Found this over at Fuck You On Friday. Take a look at the band's myspace and you'll think they ate acid for the first time before composing this....but they didn't. The song is actually a remix by Nick Zinner. The website that I listened to this from linked Nick's name to the Yeah Yeah Yeah's page because he is, interestingly enough, the guitarist for the band. I absolutely loathe the YYY's. Karen O can choke on her mic for all I care, I've hated their sound since their first single. This remix reflects nothing of the such. It's spacey, it's loose, it's calm...makes me wonder if the punk band it originated from has heard this remix. Putting punk to shame.

Ssion - Fear Us (Nick Zinner Remix) (zShare) DOWNLOAD

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Yeah, I know, it's been a while. School kinda took over my life for a while, sorry bloggers. I recently just cleaned out my 300+ inbox full of music which consisted of: 90% shit, 5% bangers and 5% that sounded like it came from Mars. Seriously, I know everybody likes different music, but man, some of it was like a where's waldo search for the frickin' beat. That being said, I'm putting up links to a lot of music here and YOU can decide for yourself what you do and/or don't like.

SICK EP from Youtube.

First track from Baskerville's debut EP.
Baskerville - Pushing Around (zShare)DOWNLOAD

Proxy - Raven (Cryptonites' More Bass Edit) (zShare) DOWNLOAD

Surkin vs Grum - Next of Mexico (Cryptonites Edit)(zShare) DOWNLOAD

Crookers (feat. Bucketheads) - Love to Edit (Cryptonites Edit) (zShare) DOWNLOAD

Klaxons vs SebastiAn - (Cryptonites Edit) (zShare) DOWNLOAD

Daft Punk vs Choreo - Cut da Funk (Cryptonites Edit)(zShare) DOWNLOAD

Lebatman - Alphaville Mediafire Download

This is a release from the Blank Artist's record label out of Detroit. This ziped link has multiple mp3s all recorded at 192. Check out their site for more information on the artists and links to their myspace. This particular set is by Codine.

BLNK 11: Codine - Blue Room DOWNLOAD ZIP

VDRK's new mixtape (winter-appropriately) titled "At the Beach:"
Mediafire Download
1. Agent Stereo - Keep on Goovin
2. Jokers on the Scene - Baggy Bottom Boys (JotS Remix)
3. Wolfgang Gartner - Wild Card
4. Deadmau5 - Ghosts and Stuff
5. DJ Rush - MF Bass (Popof Remix)
6. Twocker - Stitch (Bass Kleph Remix)
7. Nu Coalition - Born For The Nightlife (Aston Shuffle Remix)
8. Joey Chicago - After Midnight (Diizy Edit)

Here it is, a new phenomenon: dinosaurelectro on youtube.